Pay Per Click

What comes first in your mind after seeing Pay-Per-Click? Even a layman can get this that one has to pay some amount on every click. In order to carify it a little, every time a visitor will click on an advertisement, the advertiser incur some specific cost. PPC is a type of search engine marketing tool which enables the advertisers to bid on the highly competitive keywords related to their business and design ad campaigns to appear in the SERP results whenever someone is searching for those keywords. Pay-Per-Click when designed cautiously, can become the most effective way of getting genuine website traffic and leads in the business.

How PPC Works?

PPC is the most effective digital marketing tool which can ensure improved website traffic if designed sagaciously. Among all search engine networks, Google AdWords and Bind ads have higher cognizance in the market. And specifically, Google is the most widely used search engine. So designing your ad campaign for Google SERP results will be worthwhile. Our SEM/Google Adwords/PPC exprts in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali had designed various ad campaigns and has brought successful outputs out of them too. Following will be the key components to make a PPC campaign successful.

  • Competitor analysis.
  • Keyword research to bid on.
  • Campaign designing.
  • Adding subgroups.
  • Assigning the match types to keywords i.e., exact match, phrase match, and broad match.
  • Target audience which needs to be catered through this ad campaign. Different factors can be useful to decide the audience.
  • Excluding negative keywords can let your ad campaign focus on what it is designed for. Appearing in search results for negative keywords can increase the cost an advertiser has to pay on every click. So keep visiting your ad campaign more often to block the negative keywords to appear on main keywords only.
  • Expanded text ads within the standards and call to action features.
  • You can also place an image or product listing ads (PLA).
  • Then you can set the budget which works on the system of bidding. The higher your bid and quality score more are the chances that your ad can win the ad auction. As whenever a user search, search engine algorithms will pick up the most relevant ads after appropriate calculations to show in the SERP results.
  • You can schedule your ad campaign as per your choice (whether you want to run it 24/7, 12 hours a day, or any specific hours of the day. And you can either adopt the standard delivery method or if there are no financial restrictions, you can go for accelerated ad delivery method.
  • For PPC campaign, an advertiser can set the location which they want to target. Rest you can add location, call, and app extensions too.

This is a huge concept which cannot be covered in a single article for PPC campaign steps. But if you are fortunate enough to design and run an enticing PPC campaign, get ready to enjoy lucrative ROI. And you can manage the CTR, CPI, CPC, all the factors well, if your ad campaign and landing page content are high on quality.

Google only loves only when everyone else loves you first. And Google favours the ones who help it deliver quality over the internet. So if you are doing good on quality standards, the cost incurred on every click is reduced to some extent. And if you want an expert for PPC in Chandigarh, Webspyders is renowned for its PPC management services in Tricity. After making multitudinous ad campaigns a success, we have garnered enough amount of experience and strategies to implement for your business plan. We give equal importance to your insights too and use our knowledge to design the quality PPC campaigns in Chandigarh.