Keyword Research and Analysis

“Designing without research is like getting into a taxi and just saying drive.”

What is the fulcrum of the whole digital marketing thing? Which is that one thing that will let people find your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)? That is the keyword. Yes, all your business will revolve around the keyword on which you want to rank at the top. Whether you want to design an ad campaign or just optimize the site as per search engine standards, a keyword is a linchpin in all scenarios. Therefore the most pivotal step in your digital business model will be keyword research and planning. Fortunately, there are some free keyword research and planner tools which can be used for basic purpose. For enjoying some advanced features, you need to go for the paid tools.

A lot of research is exigent while you are about to enter the market with a business idea in your mind. To make it a success over digital platforms, you need to understand whether people are looking for it or not. Search intent plays a crucial role in your business leads. And if you are able to understand and interpret the search intent of the user, the better you can plan your keywords and business as well. Search intent is with what intent a user is on search engine (knowledge, service, product purchase, or any other reason).

How to do Keyword Research or Analysis?

With digitization, it has become much convenient and easier to present your ideas all throughout the world with a single click. But if this is mere of sharing your personal beliefs or ideas, keyword research may not entertain you much. But when the idea is to promote a business online to attain an esteemed presence in the market, keyword analysis is mandatory. Because the better planned and organized your business idea is, more fruitful outcomes you can expect. Below mentioned are some useful considerations for keyword research and planning you can adopt.

  • Pick out a business idea with good demand pattern.
  • Paying attention to search volume related to your business. But don’t let it influence your keyword planning to a greater extent. Because there may be huge search volume of a keyword but less relevancy to your business leads.
  • Search intent is the king in the whole process. Understanding the search intent will boost your ad campaigns and business too. The closest and relevant your product or services are to the search intent, probability becomes high to win the situation.
  • “Your aim is to know what your competition is doing so that you can do it better.” Competitor analysis is a symbol of intellect and leads to success. What is happening in the market? What are people searching for? How your competitors are serving the market? What is the top 3 search results of Google are doing in that specific arena? All these things will give you a lot of insights.
  • Do thorough keyword research on the keyword you want to work on and then with reliable keyword planning tools, check out the other related searches or keywords on which you can work on.
  • Keyword difficulty is also a matter of attention which will decide the efforts you need to make to see your website on top.

So these are some of the things you must take care of while planning the right keywords for your business website. Webspyders, a team of well-practiced digital marketing experts in Chandigarh would love to suggest you the best keywords for your business after doing keyword research and analysis. We identify profitable keywords with higher search intent and then with the help of white hat SEO, tries to rank them on top SERP results. In addition, these keywords will be in accordance with the target audience whether it’s a globalized business project or a localized one. So the bottom line is to provide our clients with full-fledged and organized SEO services in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali.